The Practical (Sensing Thinking)

The Practical

“I´ll fix that!”

The Practical prefer to rely on their senses, what you can see, hear and take on. When they make decisions they prefer to rely on facts – things that can be counted, weighed, measured and examined. Logical analysis comes first hand and the importance of the issue for themselves or others comes second.

They rely on their ability to reason, which usually give them an air of being down-to-earth and practical. They tend to thrive in jobs where this ability along with their good memory for objective facts comes to it´s right. Often that means they enjoy working with economics, accounting, law, surgery or to operate machinery and materials.

What primarily drives Practicals is concrete experiences. It can be both the feeling of a job well done, sensing experiences (sun, being outdoors, food, etc.) or the practical experience of being in control and feeling safe about the future (money, assets and to understand what is expected of them to be appreciated). They therefore often seen as “simple” for good or for bad. Would you like to have a Practicals attention – try “hmm … do you know where this one is supposed to go?”.

You can often recognize Practicals on that they often use precise and concrete words (abstract words and concepts are often considered as “unnessesary imprecise”). They are also very good at noticing and describing details and to arrange them in a structured way. They tend to love step-by-step instructions and neat tables with figures.

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