The Idealist (iNtuition Feeling)

The Idealist

“Human potential!”

The Idealist is especially interested in people and relationships – but on an abstract level. They frequently choose to work as priests, psychologists, politics or human resources. Mahatma Gandhi is perhaps the most famous Idealist. Moral and spirituality are examples of abstract human-oriented concepts that Idealists are drawn to – and devotes a tremendous energy to. They are often enthusiastic and imaginative – and enjoy themselves the most when they are able to help other people develop.

The Idealist has a talent for creative solutions and relationships, which means that they often enjoy work that requires an ability to quickly grasp and solve communication problems, such as working with as a organisational or communications consultant. They most often prefer the creative phase along with meeting people over the planning and implementation stages of a project. They hate routine work – unless they choose it for a bit of change and relaxation.

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