This site collects the following data using Google Analytics cookies:

  • IP addresses
  • access dates and times etc (Google Analytics standard data)

This user data is collected to track amount and location of visits to the web site. We don’t run ads on this web site, so we use the data to occasionally look where people come from and what drives spikes in number of visits. This information is only available to the two creators of this website – Mattias and Jon. If you don not allow cookies you will not be tracked.

This site also collects:

  • the submitted urls
  • the html available at that url when submitted
  • automatic classification results
  • user submitted personality type of the author (if submitted via the form)

Anyone can submit any url and submit any personality type, true or false, well-backed or out of thin air, for the author of the text on that url. We keep it to see if a correlation between personality type and writing style, even though it is deeply flawed from a scientific perspective. During 2019 we had a look at the data and found that there was very little correlation, only about 2% better than throwing a dice.

If you have any privacy concerns about this site, feel free to contact Mattias at mattiasostmar (a) gmail (dot) com.

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