The Thinker (iNtuition Thinking)

The Thinker

“Hmm… Interesting concept!”

The true thinkers in the original sense – constantly engaged in studying, systemization and evaluating ideas and possibilities. Logical analysis of abstract ideas are yummy for The Thinker! The introverted Thinker, in particular, can devote as much energy to their thoughts that they completely forget about both the world and to take care of their own body. The extroverts, on the other hand, often instead focus on structuring the life of other people instead. The Thinker is also often very interested in words and language – master of scrabble or knowledge-games. Thus, they often come across as quite annoying ms. and mr. know-it-all.

What primarily drives Thinkers are possibilities – they can therefore often seem a bit aloof or be “thinking too much”. Would you like to have a Thinkers attention – try “hmm … this was a clever riddle…” or “do you have any smart solution to this problem?”

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