The Relater (Sensing Feeling)

The Relater

“Are you OK?”

The relaters prefer to rely on their senses (concrete observations) and are primarily interested in people instead of things. When they make decisions they prefer to do it with personal warmth always considering how it affects other people while pure logical analysis comes in second hand.

They are much more interested in facts about people than on facts about things and therefore tend to have a thriving social life. They tend to enjoy work where their concern for other people comes to its right – such as social work, sales (if the goods are concrete) and service-with-a-smile.

What primarily drives Relaters is having good relationships with other people. It can be both a sense of closeness with other people in the present (to get help or be helped), or the experience of safe and sustainable long-term relationships (family, circle of friends, membership in associations, etc). They appear frequently as friendly and social, for better or worse. Would you like to get a Relaters attention – try “hmm … you could help me with … or how are you?”.

You can often recognize Relaters on that they often use words to describe people, feelings and their perception of other people.

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